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Textpattern HTML and CSS

New Site, New Look

2 min read

For a few months now I’ve been working on updating this site and merging my blog site (formerly known as the Red Hot Chilli Project) into this one, my portfolio site. As a result of needing to change web hosts by the end of the month I’ve finally gotten round to giving this project the final push and get the changes live.

The logo was designed in Inkscape. The inspiration coming from my past work as a researcher into twisted light, although the end result has little resemblance to the initial idea. The overall design was put together in The Gimp. Coding was done using the excellent Sublime Text.

I’ve taken an object-orientated approach to the CSS (OOCSS) which is built upon the excellent Inuit.css framework by Harry Roberts. I’ve used this a few times before and love the fact that it does so much out-of-the-box; each time I started working on a new CSS feature I was finding it could already be done with the framework. The CSS was developed using Sass and then minified to reduce the file size.

There is minimal JavaScript in use on this site. For the little that exists I’ve gone back to basics and written it in actual JavaScript rather than using jQuery. For the small amount of functionality I was adding, including the jQuery library felt like an excess. It might have made writing the JavaScript easier, but would have punished every user to the site in terms of performance going forward.

As with the previous site, this one is powered by the latest version of Textpattern. I’ve used a few plugins (listed in the site’s colophon), a few of which I’ve developed myself specifically for this site. I plan on sharing these with the Textpattern community in time.

I suspect that I will continue tweaking the site over time, but for now this is it. Enjoy!

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