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Why speaking in public will be fine

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Tomorrow I will be giving my first in-person talk since 2020. I don't feel prepared, but in reality I am more than prepared. I know that nerves will soon start to kick-in. To counteract them, I have jotted down some thoughts to mentally prepare myself. I thought I'd share these; perhaps someone else will find them helpful.

Thoughts on speaking

  • A room full of people can be intimidating, but they're there for a reason. They want to hear what I've got to say, to be challenged or learn something new.
  • It's not a problem not knowing everything. If I don't have an answer for someone, I can open it up to the room for discussion. I may come away learning something new myself.
  • It's okay to erm and use filler words. Lots of successful public speakers do this, including broadcasters and politicians.
  • Speaking at meet-ups is rarely financially compensated. The fact that I'm volunteering my time and sharing my knowledge is appreciated and respected.

One last one: I've been here before. I've spoken publicly many times. Despite the initial anxiety, I know I enjoy the experience. I wouldn't do this if I didn't.

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